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a community to thrive

More than a beautiful place:

 All our memberships include 

Community access, through a network of incredible people connected here

✅ Access to allour facilitiesand shared environments

✅ Access to video conference booths (call booths)

✅ Discounts of up to 50% on meeting rooms and additional services

✅ Access to community digital platforms

✅ Events, meetings and activities for members, plus exclusive discounts on courses and workshops

✅ 10% discount on Juicycafe consumption

✅ House brewed coffee



For those who want to connect and change places whenever possible.

BRL 299/month


For those who want the balance of flexible work but don't give up connections.

BRL 479/month


For those who want conexões, high productivity and customer service.

BRL 799/month

For teams of 5 or more people

For innovative companies that work hybrid or remote, Juicyhub has customized plans that offer improvements in the routine of employees, strengthen the organizational culture and even expand the possibility of new business.Schedule a conversation with our team.

The perfect environment to make it happen

We are a perfect space to combine productivity and hospitality, through shared environments.But the greatest value we generate is in the connections.

Here, talents, entrepreneurs and innovators support each other. Here, regular meetings and events take place to develop this network. We foster business acceleration and innovation through serendipity through living areas, café/bar, including a 360m2 terrace and digital platforms.All based on the third place theory.

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