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Coworking in Santos

One of Juicyhub's services is the unprecedented coworking structure in Santos, with more than 60 shared positions, 150 chairs and a unique design.

In 1989 the book The Great Good Place was published by American Ray Oldenburg. The sociologist created a theory that positively influenced the construction of Juicyhub. That's why we were born to go beyond being onecoworking in Santos, but yoursthird place.

But what is this "third place" thing? Coworkings with thriving communities like Juicyhub are exactly an example of third place in the context of the new economy. A "third place" is where we can be spontaneous, without any premise or judgment, where we have the freedom to attend, talk unpretentiously and socialize. That's why in these places ideas flow, creativity is expanded and great revolutions happen.

Ray Oldenburg explains in his book that our first place is home, our second place is work and the third places are our favorite places where we can be original, spontaneous, meet friends, make new friends, talk to strangers and especially ,strengthen our connectionsand synapses.

Coworking in Santos: why it is important to be in a

For those who feel they "don't fit in" in overly formal environments. For anyone just starting out. For those who already have an office but want a change of scenery. For those who work remotely and can't stand to just stay at home: all these uses are perfectly served by a shared space like a coworking space.

In summary, coworkings are important for those who have already understood that the new economy, that the post-digital market and that the future is collaborative.

Have onecoworking in Santos with Juicyhub's location, architecture and capacitybrings Santos (and the Baixada Santista region) closer to something that is very common in big cities: the generation ofbusiness ecosystemscapable of maximizing the socio-economic potential of a community


Being in a shared environment helps you, your projects and your company to be on the radar of more people, drastically reduces the feeling of professional loneliness and improves the quality of life of professionals, entrepreneurs and people in career transition.

Shared environments are also able to increase thelevel of trust between people, which naturally expands the possibilities and capacity to generate value.

A well-structured coworking space combines sharing and privacy. Here at Juicyhub we have many facilities, ranging from unique design, dozens of shared positions, meeting rooms, video conference booths, integrated cafeteria and areas full of green for you to feel the sea breeze while you work.See the facilities at Juicyhub, coworking in Santos.

It's important to be in a place like a coworking space to always be in touch with new people and companies. This broadens your view of the world, allows you to interact with people from different areas and origins,Stimulates creativity and productivity.

Being in a shared environment goes far beyond being good for your professional life. It makes all the difference in your mental and physical health, after all we have been social beings since the time of caves.

The history of coworkings in Santos

The first virtual offices or shared offices appeared in Santos around the 2000s. At that time they were pioneers, considering that connectivity and the culture of sharing were still quite incipient in Brazil. Juicy Santos did a complete storyabout coworkings in Santos and its history. In this text it is possible to understand that there is still a lot of confusion between shared offices and coworkings, after all, all over Brazil many people use the termcoworkingto define very compartmentalized spaces.

The truth is that in Santos, thecoworking cultureIt only got stronger with the arrival of Spacemoon in 2017, the first shared environment where several startups and service providers shared benches, ideas and did business.


Spacemoon room to honor those who came before

The coworking service ofspacemoonwas closed in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company continues to act as an accelerator and today uses Juicyhub as its operational base in Santos, and its team is a member of Juicyhub.

To honor Spacemoon and its importance in the collaborative economy scenario in Santos, we named our largest meeting room the Spacemoon Room.


Juicyhub wants to be your coworking space in Santos

Hard work, productivity, connections and creativity often define many coworking spaces.

For us, Juicyhub's great differential is the thriving community. Our ability to attract different people who share converging worldviews make our network a delightful place to be.

Whether working during business hours, sharing a table, or happy hours,Juicyhub is a delightful place to be. And although our architecture is beautiful, the environment is unprecedented, believe me: the best is in the spectacular people that circulate in Juicyhub.

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