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Life is too short not to be near the beach.

The combination of quality of life and productivity is essential for
that economic development is sustainable for people and cities.

In 2001 we asked:is it necessary to leave Santos to fulfill ourselves professionally? At that time, little was said about the creative economy and many people who worked in the area of communication, technology and other creative services migrated to the capitals of Brazil. Or adopted the stylecharter life, which many caiçaras know well.

For more than two decades we have been concerned about this matter. But we always had one certainty:life is too short not to be near the beach.


The appreciation of the regional creative economy, the acceleration of the adoption of remote/hybrid work and the possibility ofgenerate impact on local businessesmade us believe in Baixada Santista not only as a potential for quality of life, but also as a possible place for personal, economic and social fulfillment.

All these ingredients were essential for the birth of the most collective of our dreams: theJuicyhub.


Juicy what?

Juicyhub is a hybrid platform for social innovation, creative economy and entrepreneurship. Born in Santos, but not restricted to the city.


Which has the mission of connecting entrepreneurial and transformative people to the future of the market. This market can be anywhere, including in beach towns and outside the capitals.

Juicyhub is composed of 3 pillars



Vibrant content

Where movements take place, creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators build together and support each other.


Fostering business acceleration and innovation through the serendipity of physical space and digital platform.

Space for transformative and entrepreneurial people to produce and connect through an unprecedented environment in the Baixada Santista region, which includes ergonomics, design, comfortable terraces, events and entertainment areas.

We combine the pillars of events, education and experience to strengthen the culture of innovation, which includes curating and sharing our experience and our network, formed over more than 20 years undertaking in the area of creative economy.

Juicyhub spoilers


Where it is?

Located in the heart of Gonzaga, a strategic neighborhood in Santos, Juicyhub combines the perfect location with first-world architecture.

The Juicyhub building (Parque Ana Costa) has LEED certification, planned construction based on sustainable practices and energy efficiency, fully aligned with our positive impact strategy.


From the building's facilities to the interior of Juicyhub, the environment is designed to welcome those who make a difference in the market.


Over 715m2 it is possible to build your journey in air-conditioned spaces, with an air exhaust system or feeling the sea breeze in external areas.

If you're still wondering if theJuicyhub is for you, click here.

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