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Collaborative from the first seed

You can't tell the Juicyhub story without using the word collaboration.
The basis of our birth was sharing and mutual help.

Brands that believe in Juicyhub


We are part of the network




Our list of thanks is endless. But we want to thank here immensely people who dedicated moments of their lives to hear about Juicyhub and who supported us in some way, with ideas, a friendly word or paths of viability.


They are: Aline Bottacin Brito, Aline Brentegani, Aline Siemenskoski, Amanda Denti, Ana Meneguine, Ana Michelle Soares, Antonio Napole, Aurélio Formoso, Carol Prado, Carol Abreu, Chico Adelano, Cláudia Drygalla, Claudio Campos, Cleide Rossi, Crica Wolthers, Cris Anselmo, Cris Rudge, Daniel Domingues, Daniel Nader, Danielle Thomé, Denise Covas, Dirceu Mello Jr., Eduardo Bittencourt, Eduardo Rocha, Eduardo Salgueiro, Erika Pedroso, Érika Suriani, Fabio Rodrigues, Felipe Seiji, Fernanda Stefani, Fernanda Zuttion, Flávia Alves, Flávio Raimundo, Flávia Saad, Gabriel Setten, Grace Klein, Helena Prado, Juliana Goes, Karina Marvejol, Kauê Nunes, Kauê Lima, Konrad Dantas, Laíze Damasceno, Lara Mattos, Letícia Rosso, Lorelay Mendes, Lu Carmo, Lucas Foster , Luiza Helena Trajano, Marcelo Marsaioli, Marcio Cantelli, Marco Riveiros, Mariana Gauche, Mario Hippolyto, Michele Junco, Michele Simões, Miriam Matias, Nathalia Ziemkiewicz, Nilton Matias, Pedro Venturini, Petras Sliesoraitis, Pietro Moschett a, Raquel Teixeira, Ricardo Poli, Robson Henriques, Rodrigo Rubido, Teófanes de Oliveira, Suzel Figueiredo, Sylvia Gracia, Val Rocha, Vanessa Queiroz, Vânia Bueno.

A huge thanks to Daniel Cardozo, friend and architect, who went beyond his role of architectural thinking, acting as a true strategic support for the Juicyhub project. To Dani Junco, who was more than a mentor, she was a bridge to the future.

Finally, the entire team of leaders, creatives and developers at Mkt Virtual, who followed each step of Juicyhub. Our friends and family. And all the people who are no longer here and have inspired us with their legacies.

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