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Juicyhub delivers connections and business environment through:


Nós apoiamos a transformação de ideias em soluções inovadoras através de um ambiente preparado para o seu evento acontecer

With 715m² and multiple possibilities, we are the only shared space with60+ coworking positions, in addition to dozens of other positions on our balconies, meeting rooms, video conference booths and private rooms. Shared areas have two different styles:spacious tablesand without partitions, to house teams and people who seek more interaction or stalls that guarantee greater privacy.

To give you even more freedom, there are no designated tables on Juicyhub.


Salas de reunião

Meeting rooms

There are 5 meeting rooms, according to the following configuration:
 Spacemoon room
From 8 to 10 people with 75 inch TV​

 Sala B2Mamy
Up to 6 people with 50 inch TV

Sala Pagu, Sala Bonifacio and Sala Chorão
up to 4 people


To ensure a balance between collaboration and privacy, we have three cabins for video conferences or phone calls. Cabins are open to our community and ensure greater sound comfort in common areas.


Espaço para eventos

space for events

Juicyhub has the capacity to receive events of different formats. Whether in the main hall, on the balconies, in the Juicycafe, in the grandstand or in the attached auditorium, we have the capacity for events from 8 to 150 people simultaneously in our operation.


Juicy members can count onfree bike rackinside the parking lot of Edifício Parque Ana Costa, where we can encourage our members to use their bikes to come here. Juicycafe customers can also count on a bike rack on the ground floor, in front of the CPFL store.

The building also has outsourced parking and discounts for Juicyhub exclusive monthly members.

Bike and parking


Fast and redundant internet

We have two redundant links so we never run out of Internet, whether Wi-Fi or wired. Our high performance router automatically monitors these links, that is, if one of them goes down, all traffic (Internet browsing of all members) is taken to the other link without impacting connectivity.

In addition, all network infrastructure equipment has no break, so even if the electrical power fails, the system continues to work.

Internet rápida e redundante

Inside the Juicyhub is the Juicycafe, a comfortable, safe and fun place to have a drink, coffee or even lunch, enjoy snacks and special portions. The Juicycafe was created to serve Juicyhub members, but it is also open to the public from Monday to Friday (from 9 am to 10 pm) and on Saturdays the hours vary according to our events.



Need some facility that is not available this page?Get in touch with our team.


Want to take advantage of all our facilities?

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